The Problem

Deforestation and carbon emissions

While deforestation rates and carbon emissions are still progressing at dangerous speed in the Region, the significant private investments made in the forestry sector are all struggling to find profitable markets for their plantation woods and are significantly limited by overregulation issues. Additionally manufacturers and woodworkers in the region don’t have the design or market development capacity to develop products that integrate product design with maximized use of plantation wood materials. They are therefore limited to the constraints of traditional industry standards that can make plantation wood a poor investment, specially at the early stages of the plantations.

Our Purpose

Promoting the use of plantation wood

Promoting the use of plantation wood by pioneering innovative, beautiful and functional product design and a positive linkage between customers, designers, farmers and wood workers. We firmly believe that by developing a sustainable, profitable and integrated forestry, manufacturing and sales model that creates enough market value and volumes for plantation farmers, manufacturers and woodworkers, and customers & designers ,we will encourage current and future investments in the forestry sector of the region.

Why is reforestation so important

CO2 sequestration and reduction of greenhouse gases.

Reforestation activities promote the sequestration of CO2 from the atmosphere, thereby decreasing the concentration of this gas and consequently plays an important role in fighting the intensifying greenhouse effect. The removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is performed thanks to photosynthesis, allowing carbon sequestration in vegetation biomass and soils.

As the vegetation grows, the carbon will be incorporated in the trunks, branches, leaves and roots. About 50% of vegetable biomass consists of carbon. Reforestation is crucial to combating climate change. The results are: Increase in water resources, reduction of losses in agriculture-related flooding, increase in the stock of sustainable legal timber, CO2 sequestration and reduction of greenhouse gases.

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