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Over the last 15 years Simplemente Madera has worked with over a 100 different projects in the hospitality industry. Projects range from five star, large scale resort projects and high-end boutique hotels to small and charming coffee shops and restaurants. Our products have been shipped to and installed in multiple countries, including United States, Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama and the British Virgin Islands. Our experience with project owners, architects, designers, and purchasing agents typically starts with collaboration at the very starting phases of the design process, ranging from full product design, prototyping, manufacturing and installation, to simply selling furniture from our own collections. Products include furniture, prefabricated wooden structures, and accent pieces for common areas.


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Simplemente Madera also has significant experience designing and building smaller boutique hotels on spectacular properties in remote areas. Projects in this category usually have limited or difficult access to materials and experienced labor, making full turnkey prefabrication, with both pre-design cabins and custom building for common areas, a beautiful and practical solution. This process involves a direct collaboration with property owners to develop a Master Plan and overall project feeling and ambiance, to then design, manufacture and pre-assembled all the buildings and furniture in our factory, ending with shipment and installation of the complete project on-site from A to Z. Projects in this category are mostly located in beach, mountain or island settings.

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