15 years working hand in hand with many entrepreneurs and visionaries.

With over 15 years of experience, our group of companies has been involved in all facets of the wood supply chain operations in Nicaragua. From the training of small craftsman workshops to large scale extraction and milling operations, from low cost industrial products to high end furniture and architectural work, from retail sales to large scale projects and resorts. Historically, our raw materials have been sourced from certified primary Indigenous Communities forests, but as our own plantations reach maturity it is increasingly being sourced from our own certified plantations. Today, we offer clients our experience in woodworking and fine craftsmanship to help them design and create beautiful spaces and products that enhance their interaction with their environment combining both simplicity and sophistication. Simplemente Madera Group’s holdings include three FSC-certified plantations located in climatically-diverse areas of Nicaragua,

We have several tree nurseries and one of the most extensive wood-processing and manufacturing facilities in Central America, producing solid wood products as furniture, prefab structures and turn key solutions for hospitality, commercial and residential projects. Today, Simplemente Madera is a 15 year old business and a well established regional brand with world class customers as Hart Howerton, Ache Uve, L.A. Comune Design, Morphosis Architects, 21C hotels, The Independent Collection Hotels, Four Seasons, Mukul Resort, Real Intercontinental Hotels, Morgan’s Rock Ecolodge, Jicaro Island Resort, including projects executed in New York, Cincinnati, Croatia, United Kingdom, Norway, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Florida, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and the Brithish Virgin Islands, among others.


Become a regional brand in Latin America and the US Market

Simplemente Madera Staff, Management Team & Shareholders have a conviction that becoming a Regional Brand is the catalyst factor for maximizing our sales volumes and profits on all product lines and continue inspiring our team to set world class standards. Therefore, as part of our regional positioning and expansion strategy, Simplemente Madera will open multiple showrooms and sign representation agreements in multiple cities of the target Regions. This has started by our opening showrooms in Panama in 2015 and Costa Rica in 2016, as well as representation offices in the USA.


What makes us who we are



“We are transparent & strive for win-win relationships” We demonstrate a commitment to integrity and ethics as we show respect for and value all individuals for their diverse backgrounds, experiences, styles, approaches and ideas and listen to others for understanding.



The word “authentic” means you’re writing your own story “We strive for authenticity in everything we do”. Being true, it’s being comfortable not just with who you truly are but also being willing to be that person to the best of your ability.



We work from a conviction that responsible business helps the society, the environment, increases efficiency, contributes to great products, good quality, reputation and enhances value creation in the longer term. “We are committed to social and environmental responsibility”


Develop a global brand

World class designers

Attract a team of world class designers that help us integrate beautiful and functional product design with plantation material optimization.

World class team

Have a world class team with equivalent manufacturing capacity. Reduce the business-to-customer cost of logistics and commercialization.

Fight deforestation

Create meaningful customer awareness on the importance of forestry & plantation wood to fight deforestation and carbon emissions.

A global brand

Develop a global brand that maximizes product value and open multiple distribution points to generate sales volume.

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