Integrity, authenticity and responsibility.

Integrity, authenticity and responsibility are part of Simplemente Madera’s core values.  Our wood is either sourced from our own plantations or from verified sustainable and legal sources. With more than 1500 hectares of our own certified native species plantations and 8500 hectares of certified teak plantations in the country, we have a guaranteed supply chain of certified wood for years to come.

Historically, we have also worked with primary forest wood from indigenous communities. With help from government institutions and environmental NGO’s, we have contributed to their training and understanding of the importance of certification and the implementation of sustanaible management practices to guarantee the sustainability of their forests. For more information, go to

Currently, more than 80% of our raw materials come from our own Mahogany, Oak and Thorny Cedar plantations as well as Teak from our strategic allies.

The One Tree Project

The story of a tree

The project was born to demonstrate the value of the forests. It started in the UK in 1998, when a 170 year old oak tree was cut down to demonstrate the variety of products and value from a single tree. Some years later, a similar initiative was done in Australia, where, chopping down a eucalyptus also promoted the traditional use of native forests.

The “One Tree – Nicaragua” project, choose a cedar tree from the certified FSC forests of the Layasiksa Miskito community, in the North Atlantic region of Nicaragua. This project aimed to demonstrate the potential and versatility of the forest as a renewable resource, promote its value, a sustainable forestry management, forest certification and promote at the same time a change of culture from the indigenous communities and guarantee the existence of forests to date.

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La cumplida
Matagalpa, Nicaragua

La Cumplida has an area of 1596 hectares of which 593 hectares are intended for forest plantations (wood), other activities include coffee plantations for the international market, Fern production for the European market, along with traditional agricultural crops, livestock and poultry.


El Edén
Nagarote, Nicaragua

El Eden was the first plantation from Simplemente Madera Group. El Eden was the pilot forestry project, located in the department of Nagarote, Leon. With a total area of 293 hectares, of which 232 hectares are for forest plantations, 60 hectares are natural forest reserve.


San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Ecoforestal has a total area of 2376 hectares, of which 1188 hectares are forest plantations, of which 864 are for industrial use and the remaining 324 are natural forest reserves. In addition, the property has developed the world renowned Morgan’s Rock Ecolodge..

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