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One-off pieces inspired by spectacular fallen trees

Our One Tree Limited Edition Collection is our most exclusive collection of unique furniture and accent pieces made from spectacular one-of-a-kind pieces of wood. Furniture pieces from this line are only offered via our web site blog and sold on a first come, first serve basis. Usual customers for this line are art collectors, high net worth individuals, or very highend hospitality projects. 40% of profits of One-Tree limited edition are used to support our communication campaigns on the importance of reforestation and the “Save Bosawas” Project, which incorporates a massive campaign against the dangers of deforestation.

One Tree Project

History and transformation of one tree in Nicaragua

World class designers

After experiencing the dramatic waste of turning magnificent tress into conventional low value sawn lumber, we have decided to dedicate a specific line of products that celebrates the beauty of these unconventional trees and promotes the highest added value possible. This line of product only uses spectacular trees from Hurricane Felix lumber stocks and/or from trees fallen as a result of natural causes. We believe that creating enough value from these spectacular trees will reduce the need for indigenous communities to extract large numbers of trees from their standing forests, and help promote education and sustainable stewardship, through social and certification programs, to other indigenous communities .

Old grown hardwoods

We use old grown hardwoods from this three sources

Fallen Trees

Fallen trees are rescued and often milled on site. These trees provide the biggest boards we have in inventory. Currently we have slabs up to 40ft long and 7ft wide.

Hurricane Felix

Hurricane Felix devasted a large area of natural forest. We extracted a significant volume of falled wood after the hurricane and still hold inventory of slabs and sawn wood.

Community Forestry

Community Forestry has been since 2003 our way to promote alongside environmental organizations such as WWF, a responsible community forestry in Nicaragua.

One Tree Blog
Latest stories and designs available.

Take a look at our One Tree limited edition Blog, the spectacular pieces available, the story behind each one and the view from the designers involved in every unique piece. Register here to gain access and receive updates when new items from our designers are available.

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Spectacular fallen trees

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