Estefania Conoccioli

Graduated from the Central University of Venezuela, and University Andres Bello in Chile. Sustainability, photography and love for a more humane interior design are her passions. She worked for many

Gustavo Espinoza

Joined Simplemente Madera in 2004 submerging from the beginning with furniture design which passionate him immediately. During his first years in Simplemente Madera he started drawing and sketching anything he

Detail Magazine | Strange House

A design manifesto of space and materials. The two-bedroom house is located in Deptford, South-East London, on a small site in an old pub yard, largely concealed from the street

America's Coolest Art and Design Hotel

America’s Coolest Art and Design Hotel Located on the northeast corner of the Bentonville town square and a short walk to Moshe Safdie’s Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, 21c Museum